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Occupational Health Nurses Education

Learn How to Transition Your Nursing Skills to Become an Occupational Health Nurse!

Many Registered Nurses transition into the specialized field of practice to become Occupational Health Nurses. They can pursue their goal by progressively obtaining the various multi- discipline education requirements to meet national standards ...more

To perform the full scope of nursing practice as an Occupational Health Nurse and Environmental Safety specialist read the recognized Professional Practice Nursing Profile ... more

Occupational Health Nurses Triage Across
All Levels of Prevention to Keep People Healthy!

Utilize the Primary Health Care model of deliver for all Health Care to all people everywhere ... more.

Occupational Health Nurses provide the full spectrum of needed health care to everyone.

Occupational Health Nurses
Workplace Change Agents
Keeping Workers Healthy

The Missing Link

Health Promotion
Prevention Strategies
Protection of Workers from Injury and Illness

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Occupational Health Nurses Deliver Primary Health Care

Learn from the Best - Global Model Framework Basic Occupational Health Services

In response to the global challenges to develop occupational health services, the WHO / ILO / ICOH Developed Basic Occupational Health Services (BOHS), a model framework for structure, content and objectives (Rantanen J. Basice: SJWEH Suppl 2005: no 1:5-15). ... more

A 12-Step Program

Transition Your Nursing Competencies to the functions of Workplace Occupational Health and Environmental Safety ... more

Critical Thinking - Theory   Research   Put Into Practice

Nursing education is based on the four meta-paradigms global phenomenon in nursing theory. Nursing care requires critical thinking in four areas:

People    Health    Environment    Nursing    PHEN

  1. People - defined within the four domains of the human being that include physiological, spiritual, sociological and psychological (Alexander and Kroposki, 1999).
  2. Health - well being or illness/injury state.
  3. Environment - that involves the clients contact with other people and surroundings.
  4. Nursing - actions taken on behalf of the client.

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