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Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles


Occupational Health Nurses are dedicated to excellence in ethical practice, life long learning, and fulfilling the standards of the specialized practice of occupational health nursing care for our clients the employees in the workplace.

Occupational Health Nurses encourage locus of self care to manage own health, by utilizing Primary Health Care delivery model that is a higher level of health care for everyone.


The Occupational Health Nurses Interest Group OHNIG will work towards promoting recognition of the Occupational Health Nursing profession within the four domains of nursing i.e., people, health, environment and nursing as the four nursing domains apply to the workplace and the worker population.

OHNIG will promote awareness and access to independent practice nursing services through professional recognition, political and social action, and public awareness.

OHNIG efforts will enhance the occupational health nurse profession by following the principles of primary health care model, inclusive of promoting, pro-active prevention, curative, rehabilitation and tertiary services that are culturally acceptable and affordable.

OHNIG recognizes the need to establish interdisciplinary alliances with nursing colleagues and health care professionals to ensure quality effective health care services for everyone.


OHNIG will contribute their efforts to: