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2017 Professional Practice Nursing Profiles

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Health & Safety Professionals Inc.                                     King Health & Safety Inc.

                         Louise is a Registered Nurse with a degree                  Whether on a vacation, a work assignment away or
                         from the University of Western Ontario. She                  on a visit to distant family members, if the
                         has a certificate in Occupational Health and                 unexpected does occur, such as contracting a virus
                         Safety and holds her Canadian Registered                     in the south, or having a serious car accident, Angels
                         Safety Professional Designation. Louise has                  of Flight is ready to help, to and from any part of the
                         worked with Health Care, Industrial, and      globe to Occupational Health Nursing. Selected for her
                         Construction sectors as an Occupational       expertise Jill worked as a team member on a National and
Health Consultant and has 20 years of facilitation and training        Provincial committees to research recommendations for Best
experience. She is currently enrolled in the Tulane University         Practice Guidelines Healthy Workplaces-Healthy Workers!
Masters in Public Health

Program (Health and Safety Management). She has assisted               As a community volunteer she assisted in writing health care
many local businesses in the development and, subsequent               platform for local politician, was an advisor to LHINS of Aging in
implementation of health and safety systems in their workplaces.       Place and currently sits on an Environmental Advisory
Ms. Caicco Tett also specializes in developing and delivering          committee to town council. Overwhelmed by frequent requests
customized training programs for her customers. Louise has             from community members Jill has expanded services to include
made a commitment to assist OHNIG members with education               advising on Active Aging and Aging in Place.
and training as the OHNIG Executive - Education Leader

Louise Caicco Tett, RN, BScN,  Health & Safety Professionals           Jill King, RN, BHSc(N),     Occupational Health &
CRSP President                 Inc. Sault Ste. Marie, ON               COHN(C), COHN-S, Intn. ASA  Environment
                               705 945-0117                            President & CEO             Safety Specialist | Toronto, ON

Political Action Public Policy                                         Ruth Ruttan & Assoc.

                      Ruth Volpato is a Registered Nurse, in good                    We are trusted leaders in cutting edge nursing
                      standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario,                 footcare and diabetes instruction. We provide
                      since 1971, and a member of the Registered                      opportunities for learners to maximize their potential.
                      Nurses Association of Ontario and CNA. Ruth                     We strive for and support each individual’s quest for
                      worked initially in Psychiatry and Occupational                 excellence.
                      Health, and then moved into various areas
                      serving the insurance industry for many years.   Our vision is to inspire nurses to attain and retain best practice in
Ruth is in independent practice completing legal nursing               provision of care to the community at large enabling Canadians
assessments for persons involved in motor vehicle accident/            to remain active and in optimum comfort.
long term disability with ABI, mental health, addiction, PTSD and
chronic pain. Ruth specializes in product development based on         Our education services have received awards Durham College -
client driven primary health care with the insurer and the legal       “Award of Teaching Excellence” In Celebration of Women –
industry.                                                              “Medical Teaching Award”

She is a member of Ontario Rehab Alliance who works diligently         Ruth Ruttan & Assoc. has built a reputation nationally for
with FSCO and the changes in the auto insurance legislation.           excellence in the quality of instructional content and for
Ruth is a member of the Board of Directors of the Brain Injury         supporting each learner’s quest for excellence.
Association of Niagara, a supporter of the Hamilton Brain Injury
Association.                                                           Nursing graduates from Ruth Ruttan & Assoc. are in high
                                                                       demand. Hospitals, long-term care facilities and nursing
                                                                       agencies seek out these graduates who provide an exceptional
                                                                       level of care and personal attention to their clients.

Ruth Volpato, RN Registered    Ontario, CA 905.358.1047                Ruth Ruttan, RN, CDE        Footcare & Diabetes Education
Nurse Advisor                             President & Owner 
                                                                       905.478.1977 | Sharon, ON
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