What to do if Injured!
Health and Safety
in the Workplace

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What to Do When a Workplace Injury Happens?

Some injuries heal with a bandage;

others require quite a lot more attention ... more

In the workplace environment there are basically three levels of injury accidents:

1. minor first aid

2. injuries or illnesses requiring prompt medical attention

3. life-threatening injuries or illnesses


Healthy Workers Healthy Workplaces

Work Safely

Take Care Be Aware!
Could This Happen to You?
Unsafe Acts Unsafe Conditions

Could This Happen to You?
Injury on the Job?

Could This Happen to You?
Workplace Stress!

Health and Safety Quick Tips

A wise person said, “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure"

What to do if injured?
This safety information is for your protection and can be shared in the classroom, in group sessions or reviewed independently. "Quick tips” alert students to the regulated Health and Safety responsibilities for employers and employees in the workplace. VIEW PowerPoint Presentation

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