Who Are Occupational Health Nurses?

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Nurse Connect Framework

Nurse Connect Framework is designed to be the rallying point for the exchange of information
among novices, specialists and experts from across the country and around the globe. CNA

Nurse Connect Framework Canadian Nurses Association CNA

What is a Community of Practice?

"A community of practice is a group of practitioners who share a common interest in a specific area of competence and are willing to work together."
(Clemmons Rumizen, 2002)

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Who are Occupational Health Nurses?

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Occupational Health Nurses Deliver Primary Health Care

Occupational Health Nurse Scope of Practice

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Canadian Nurses Association (CNA)

Nursing Certification Accreditation

CNA certification: Showing you Care to Be the Best
CNA is very excited to unveil a fresh new look for CNA certification, complete with its new theme Care to Be the Best ... learn more

CNA Nursing Certification Accreditation

Self-employed Nurse Entrepreneurs Expanding the Realm of Nursing Practice: A Journey of Discovery

Independent practice as a career option for nurses has been slowly increasing since the 1980s.
Self-employed Nurse Entrepreneurs: A Journey of Discovery (Wilson A.;2003) ... more

"A Day in the Work Life" Occupational Health Nurse

Diversity of Occupational Health Nurse Work

Send OHNIG Highlights of your Occupational Health Nurse Work Day Activity. OHNIG will post your description anonymously to admin@ohnig.ca

International Council Nurses ICN

ICN Guidelines on the Nurse Entre/Intrapreneur Providing Nursing Services

A small but growing percentage of nurses are reclaiming their traditional right to independent clinical practice ... read more